My Magic Blog?

No, wait.  That can’t be right.  It’s a magic wand.  Not a magic blog.  Hmm, it must be all the excitement of hearing back from the publisher today that has me confused.

Don’t readjust your glasses, you read that right…  I heard back about ten minutes after my last post.  I was shocked, amazed, dumbfounded, thrilled.  Turns out since this is a publisher new to the fiction genres they are sticking with only full length manuscripts, but asked I would consider extending the story if I’d be willing to resubmit. YIKES!!

I am still pinching my arm to make sure it’s all real.  Tomorrow I will surely look like someone’s been abusing me, but totally worth it to keep realizing that a life-long dream is a step closer to being realized!  So tonight, I am working furiously to finish the last 3 chapters on a full-length that might “the one” to get published!  And tomorrow, I start working on the proposal package for the novella to send to a different publisher.  *pinch*  Ouch!!  Yup, it’s still real!!

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