Remember that time when…

I said I had a random stroke of genius?  It was probably earlier this week, although it’s been a long week so maybe it was last week??  Okay, when I went to find the link for the post I was surprised to see it was actually only Tuesday of this past week.  Time really does fly sometimes…

Anyway, the little stroke of genius I was talking about is turning into a fun idea for a full-length story which will eventually get written (once I finish my current full-length).  But, in the meantime I have written a small section of it that I will tidy up (edit) and post here as a writing sample.  So, be on the lookout for a new page in the next week or so called “See Me Write.”  Then you can be introduced to Summer.  She’s an artist with a guardian she never completely knew that’s a stone cold hunk of a man.  And that’s all I’m telling you for now.  You’ll have to wait and see when it gets posted…  😉

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