Dinner and a show it is.

Let me set the scene for you, just sit back, relax, close your eyes and imagine…

Wait, scratch the close your eyes part.  This is a blog after all, you need your eyes to read this gem…

It’s Friday night.  You go to your local diner (or restaurant, whatever) with your awesome date (who looks like she really doesn’t want to to be there with you anyway) and you get seated next to 3 very normal looking women.  All is going awkwardly well as you peruse the menu while trying to figure out what the heck crawled up your date’s butt and died to eat.  When a roar of laughter louder than a jet breaking the sound barrier erupts at the table next to you.  You glance over to see one of the woman (who you now notice is wearing a shirt with a T-Rex chasing a stick figure saying something about exercise) with her face all contorted while her friend directly to her right is yelling wildly and waving her arms.  The third woman, slightly older but with less grey hair than the other two, sits by trying to understand all the gestures, face shifts and actual speech through a roar of laughter.

You look across the table at your date who is casually chewing on a strand of her hair and decide that the three crazy stunning women at the next table are much better entertainment than the woman you are with. Sir, you are welcome.  Please send tips c/o Jeni, Alice and Mom.  We are happy to have provided you a quality of service that had you laughing along with us and our amazing waiter that evening.

Okay, so an evening out in South Charlotte can be at your own risk if I’m out and about.  I like to laugh and wholeheartedly believe it’s good for my soul (plus it helps my anti-anxiety meds be more effective) and I like to share the laughter with whoever I’m with.  Sometimes it spills out onto the next table over at a diner or restaurant, but even when it does it’s contagious, infectious and usually has whoever is sitting next to me/us smiling a lot more when we leave than when they sat down.  (I realize it might be because I’m/we’re leaving, but I like to believe it’s because I/we entertained you/them.)

So, people of the world, while out and about anywhere on any given night, if you see me, try to sit at the table over.  It’ll be fun annoying entertaining.  And thanks to our amazing waiter for adding to our amazing night with your fabulous stories, I’m sure the couple next to us was sad you weren’t their waiter too because you totally rocked!

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