Technology, the bane of my existence

I will admit that I rely heavily on technology, but sometimes it seriously has me questioning my intelligence.  My brother, Stink, often reminds me that I only have to be 10% smarter than the machine… however I think there is a good chance he is giving me way too much credit.

In some cases, I feel as if I’ve mastered some forms of technology, like my MacBook for example.  Although it’s pretty much as user friendly as a piece of technology can get I think.

Now, when we talk about the refrigerator, that piece of technology is the bane of my existence.  It’s always breaking down and it’s always part of the technology that supposed to make it “smart” that is causing the problem.  Thankfully I have the best GE repair-specialist on speed dial.  In fact, the fridge is such a pain in my butt that I see him almost yearly.  When he comes I get my water filters, catch-up on how his family is doing and amusing him with anecdotes about my kids.

Now the microwave has decided to play too.  So tomorrow I get to try to figure out how to replace a bulb.  If I can’t do it, I’ll be seeing Rich again soon.

Forget the car.  That thing is more technology than not I think.

But today, one piece of technology I thought I had figured out, out-smarted me.  The T.V.  I mean really, people when the T.V. can outsmart me, I think it’s time to hang it up for the day.  So I’m turning in for the night and hope that tomorrow will be better.

Although, I am thrilled to say that I was able to unclog the sink in the kids bathroom after they shoved countless toys and paper products down the drain!  So win one for being able to fix “old school” things!

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