“You’ll love me in 5 years…”

was what I heard from Ron this morning as I rushed around trying to get showered and ready for the day.

He followed that proclamation with something about finances I think, but honestly I was too busy trying to keep shampoo from getting into my eyes, so all I walked away remembering of our “conversation” was that I’ll love him in 5 years.  Kind of as if I don’t love him now.  Which still has me in stitches.  Not because I don’t love him, I do.  Some days more than others of course.

This is not at all unusual.  Little random gems like these, get dropped on me quite regularly.  It’s a good thing he’s so handsome, rich,  witty, amusing, tech savvy.  Otherwise I think I’d throw my arms up in the air and scream like the crazy woman I am.  Not because of the randomness of it all, but because he has the worst timing ever.  Like when the shampoo is easing into my eyes as I wash my hair and he scares the bejezzes outta me to tell me how he saved us $32 a month or something.  Or like when I’m just falling asleep and he nudges me to ask, “Are you sleeping?”  Not anymore, Ron, not anymore.

But every once in a while he has a little gem at just the right moment.  Like this afternoon when I was about to beat my head against the wall after going 3 rounds with my daughter about something stupid where of course I know nothing and her 5 whole years of living makes her smarter than me.  Yeah, still could bang my head against the wall I guess…  But anyway, Ron takes one look at the crazed look in my eye while the muscle in my jaw that jumps when I’m close to losing my mind/temper, dances like a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance, and he says, “Wow, Jeni, you look so pretty today.  Did you do something different with your hair?”

At my bewildered expression, he must have decided that I was farther gone than he had initially thought, because he actually got up from his desk to give me a hug.  Randomly.  In the middle of his day.  When he was working.  Which NEVER happens.

So, I’ll forgive the shampoo stinging from this morning for that one lie compliment and the much-needed hug.   So, I guess he’s probably right, I WILL love him in 5 years.

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