For Whom The Bell Tolls…

I think I’ve terrified our UPS guy.  Literally.  I mean there was only those handful of times I opened the door squealing because a package I was waiting for had arrived (or worse; we won’t discuss the ‘worse’ but they aren’t good…).  Okay, so maybe a few handfuls, but who’s counting right?!?  Anyway, the last couple of deliveries he’s parked past the driveway (probably to throw me off who he’s delivering to here in suburbia) and hit the doorbell as he’s practically sprinting from the porch…  I mean, what can I say?  The guy is fast!  He’s usually a brown blur speeding into the truck (parked further away than usual!) by the time I get to the door.

Sorry to say, but his luck is about to run out!  Now that I’m back in my office which is conveniently located right by the front door, he’s going to have to interact with me!!  Or ask for a route change.  Either or.  But trust me, I will be waiting because I have an Amazon order coming later this week.  Game on ‘Boy In Brown’, Game ON!!

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