Brownies for Books

My 7 year old son recently had the idea to start  a book club.  At first I was skeptical.  But as he talked about how cool it would be to have some friends over to talk about books I thought, this kid finally ‘gets’ me.   He finally loves books and reading as much as I do!  This is great!  Now I should say here that up until that moment I hadn’t yet agreed to host a book club for kids.

As his hands waved all over the kitchen as he talked animatedly with more excitement than I’ve seen out of him in MONTHS, I was sold.  Hook, line and sinker sold.  He had me dropping everything I was in the middle of doing to sit down and outline (his idea, not mine) a game-plan for how this could work out.

It wasn’t until we started talking refreshments that I realized something might be a little rotten in the state of NC.  He was adamant that we serve brownies.  When I asked why?  He said, “Because Mommy you only make brownies when you go to your book club…”hmmm….  So I asked if that’s why he wanted to have a book club.  To which he replied, “Well, it’s not the ONLY reason…  I really want to see my friends and read cool books, but having brownies with all that would be even BETTER!”

Yup, so now I am trading brownies for reading books!  But guess what?  I don’t actually mind!  He’s reading AND he’s telling everyone (including random strangers in Target) all about his book club!  He sat down and thought very hard about which of his friends might want to join because as he said, “Not all of my friends are book friends!”  Cute, right?!?!

So if you happen to have a kid in the 1st – 5th grade age range that wants to read along with us this summer, here’s the list of books we will be reading and discussing…  I’ll link to their pages….

Monday, June 25th – Junie B., First Grader Aloha-ha-ha by Barbara Park
Monday, July 9th – The Adventures of Captain Underpants by Dave Pilkey (the first book in the series)
Monday, July 23rd – Miss Child Has Gone Wild by Dan Gutman
Monday, August 6th – George Brown, Class Clown Wet and Wild by Nancy Krulik

Monday, August 20th – The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians Book 1) by Rick Riordan

Stay tuned for updates on how the brownies, I mean BOOK CLUB, turns out!

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  1. I hope so too! The trick for us was finding books that were too funny or interesting to put down even when he'd get frustrated as he was learning how to read. Think 'Fly Guy', 'Captain Underpants', 'Calvin and Hobbs' comics, etc…

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