“It’s been 2 weeks, where have you been?”

I’ve been here, just slightly missing.  Thanks to what I hope was a chemical imbalance due to my thyroid meds dose being “off,” I’ve been having panic attacks.  Huge panic attacks.  Thankfully it seems like cutting all caffeine is helping.  That and the ativan as needed.  But on a serious note, I am waiting for the call for the doctor’s office where they tell me the new lower dosage for my meds.  Then I should start feeling normally again.  Once my Fibro decides to quit.  And my PCOS goes back into the background where it belongs.

One day I will post about the living nightmare that is having multiple hormone issues and fibromyalgia, but not today.  It’s best to talk about it when they aren’t in the foreground of my mind simply because on days like today (and the last 2 weeks) all I can do is complain and whine about them.  And let’s be frank, (even though I’m Jeni)  whining and complaining is annoying and frustrating.  So, instead I’ll give a recap of the fun (non-annoying) stuff I’ve been up to in the last 2 weeks!

Last week was the first meeting for my son’s book club.  It went surprisingly well.  The kids (all 7 years old) talked for a little over half an hour about Junie B.  I was shocked at how excited they all were!  Next week we talk about Captain Underpants!  Should be great as well especially since I have a fun project in mind to go along with our discussion!  To go along with Junie B.’s Aloha-ha-ha we made little beaches in a bottle.  The kids liked it and had a blast trying to shove smaller sized shells into the bottles!

Also, got to see two movies in the last two weeks in the actual movie theater. This is usually unheard of for me.  I’m more the kick back in my pj’s and rent a movie kinda girl.  First I saw Brave with the kids.  It was much darker than I expected based on the previews, but it was a good story.  Once the kids got over the crazy bear fighting scenes, they agreed it was good too, but no one has asked to see it again like they did with other moves like Despicable Me for example.  Also, a girlfriend and I went to see Magic Mike the other evening.  If you are a woman reading this you probably already get the appeal of this movie although the men roll their eyes about said-appeal (like Ron did).  I will honestly say it was an amazing movie.  And much like men claim they read mags like Playboy for the articles, I will say the adorable cast was eye-catching and a bonus that added to a great plot.  (Of course Joe Manganiello (especially) and Channing Tatum added to that awesome plot 😉 !!)

Okay, on with other things…

Oh how about some randomness that’s been heard around my house lately…  Some of these gems come straight from the mouthes of my children, some were heard out and about, but all stuck in my head.

~”Today is the best day ever because there are no boys around shaking their penises, wearing (only) their underpants, and making us crazy.” – my 5 yr old daughter.  Not sure what boys she lives with but apparently they are more interesting than the boys I live with!

~”The longer it’s in, the better it gets.” – overheard during a software pitch by a sales professional.

~”Daddy, I know this won’t happen, so don’t say it can’t happen… but if you get eaten by a bear how do I find my way back out of the forrest?” – my 7yr old son before going hiking / camping

~”What are we having for dinner?” “Stroganoff” “I don’t know either.” – my 7 yr old totally checked out during this one… either that or he thought stroganoff meant “I don’t know”

~”911, call 911!!” – my 5 yr old when Ron gave me a morning kiss in the kitchen.  Apparently grown-ups kissing is an emergency…

~”Why did you stick the toy up your nose?”  “To see if it fit.”  – my 5 yr old at the Urgent Care answering the PA who had to remove said toy.

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