Invasion of the Body Switchers!

I know it’s usually the “body snatchers,” but here in Burns-gra-la, it’s the “body switchers.”

I’m a self-proclaimed “night owl” while Ron is a (proven time and time again) “early bird.”  In the last few weeks however, there has been this weird and very subtle shift.  This morning though was the proof.  6:02am.  That what my clock said when I rolled over and bounced out of bed.  I have never “bounced” out of bed.  Ever.  Except maybe that one time years ago, before having kids and a job, before early morning classes in college, before having to drive 20 minutes to get to high school, back before middle school morning primping,  even before elementary school “mandatory breakfast mornings” that I once bounced out of bed with a smile on my face and a spring in my step.  Quite frankly for all I know, that might have been some weird dream I once had that I’ve now adopted into my delusional state of reality.  Possibly.   Probably.  Okay, let’s be honest here.  Definitely.

Moving on…  So this morning I literally bounced out of bed, smiled at the day, took my meds like a good girl, and contemplated all the things I could get done before the rest of the house woke up this morning!  (Hence this blog post)

But before moving down to my office, I gazed lovingly (for a moment I forgot that this isn’t a work of fiction) questioningly over Ron’s blanket-bundled form and it occurred to me; we’ve completely switched sleep habits.  I was out too early to recount last night.  (Seriously.  Soooo early it’s embarrassing for this “night owl” to even own up to even considering this time of the “evening” as a “bedtime.”)  Only to awaken at the ass-crack of dawn.  I never willingly wake up early.  Meanwhile Ron apparently was up until after midnight (also, NEVER happens.  He’s usually snoring away by 10pm with a few exceptions) and set his alarm clock for 6:45am.  Then hit the SNOOZE BAR!!!  TWICE!!!  What is going on here?  He usually bounds out of bed between 5:45 and 6 am to put in a hour or more of work when the house is quiet.  This morning he shuffled downstairs, grunted at me with his hair all sleep-tousled (again I say, NEVER happens.), mumbled something about coffee and finally getting his expense done for work.  It was like watching a rare breed of animal at the zoo.

Never in our almost-13 years of being shackled together have I seen him look so disheveled in the morning while I have myself (almost) together.  Kinda strange.

I wonder if this is a trend that will continue…  I mean so far I wrote this blog post, had my coffee, read the book for my son’s next book club, and talked to my kid brother TWICE!!!  Not too bad for this “night owl!” So, while you are all just getting your day started, I’m going to go hack back the bushes in the front of the house that have been bugging me!!

Have a great day!

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