Stabby, much? Nope, just quirky.

It’s common knowledge around our home that I have a BIG personality.  I can be quiet and reserved (when I’m asleep), but most times I “live out loud” as I like to say.  Poor Ron is on the receiving end of most of my tirades and eccentricities, but in my defense, he asked to marry me first.   Had he waited a bit, I’m sure some other poor guy would be stuck with me by now.
Of course, being a mom I need to reign in my “crazy” to not frighten the children (well, more like the neighbors’ children since I think my kids were born immune to me). To keep a lower profile around the kids, I tend to mellow out my overreactions.  So instead of yelling, “You dumbass!  Why, in all that is good in the world, would you think __________________ is a good idea?  I can’t believe you would insist on doing something so stupid!!”  Instead I glare at him and say casually, “Man, I’m beginning to feel stabby.”  Stabby = annoyed enough with you to potentially stab you with my fork or another sharp object*.  Or instead of letting a string of 4 letter and kid inappropriate words fly when driving; I’ll wave my arms like the lunatic I am (remember I learned how to drive in NJ folks, we’re lucky I wave my arms and not a middle digit) and yell, “that lady/guy are being REALLY goofy today.  They must have had a big bowl of CRAZY for breakfast this morning!”  You see what I mean; things that are slightly less prone to getting a phone call from the school after one of my kids repeats it on the playgroundoffensive.
I’ve also been known to be a little eccentric about things.  I enjoy life and feel like most people take it way too seriously.  So, I find things that are fun or quirky and enjoy them.  For example, coloring my hair.  We aren’t talking about something you can buy in a box at the local drugstore either.  I’m talking Manic Panic’s semi-permanent Ultra-Violet or Hot Hot Pink hair color.  For those of you wondering, purple suits me much better than brunette, but as a brunette a LOT of bleach is required to maintain said purple hair.  But sometimes to shake things up I’ll pull out a fuchsia pink wig and wear it out shopping.
I also am one of those annoying 30-somethings with ringtones like the teenagers use.  Unfortunately some of the “tunes” I am rocking out to are legitimately current tunes, but there is a greater likelihood you will hear These Boots Are Made For Walking, Come A Little Closer, Fever, Son of A Preacher Man, Smooth Criminal, Take A Little Piece of My Heart, or Fast Car. Yup.  It hasn’t been decided which embarrasses my kids more; when Son of A Preacher Man starts up or Let’s Have A Kiki.  Pretty sure it’s a draw.
So, in small ways, I find ways to express myself and enjoy life.  All the while, trying not to stab people*.  Yeah, life is good!  So, to all my readers out there, let your freaky/quirky/special/honest flags fly and be yourself and enjoy today!  We aren’t always promised a tomorrow…
Be well!
*For clarification purposes, I have never stabbed anyone… yet.  Check back in a week or so.

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