My Alter-ego Is A Superhero…

She saves the world with literature.  She saves trees by editing on-screen instead of on paper.  She recycles all the bottled water she consumes (okay, so we are working on getting her to switch to filtered tap, but little steps people, little steps).  She hosts book clubs for the youth in her home and bribes the kids with foods and crafts for reading.  She ignores dirty dishes (and saves water) until they magically disappear.  She cures cancer with hilarious antics (not FDA proven or approved, but hey, it’s a work in progress).  She runs on decaf coffee and smartwater.  She does a mean load of laundry (although folding is her nemesis) and she can pack one heck of a lunch.
But even with all that going for her, she still is humanoid enough to be down and out with the flu for almost 2 weeks.  Yeah, she isn’t immune to the pesky little bug of fever, snot, and rib-cracking coughs.  DAMN.  What’s the point of being a superhero if you can’t be immune to the flu?  I mean the common cold, and she’s all “I’m kicking colds and taking names, so you better look out!” but against the flu she didn’t even stand a chance. 
Turns out, neither did my kids.  And did I mention that Ron was out of town for the week for work?  No?  Oh– in my post- fever haze I must’ve forgotten to add that tidbit.  Yeah.  He was on the other side of the country for his job while we all lay feverish and broken.  Each of us banished to separate rooms of the house while wearing facemasks in the common areas.  Why? You ask.  To keep Mom from getting the dreaded flu.  There’s nothing worse than having an aggressive cancer than having an aggressive cancer and a house full of people sick with the flu trying to take care of you.  I’m pretty sure that’s the stuff of nightmares for Oncologist’s and cancer patient’s alike.  But we managed to keep her healthy.  And we are all safely on the other side of this thing…  FINALLY! 
So, thanks for coming flu, but next time we won’t be sad if you skip our house… really.  It’s okay.  We’ll always remember these times with you… forever (probably cause I’ll still be coughing then…). 
Here’s to a healthy Spring and the return of my superpowers!
Be Well ~Jeni

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