I’m not talking about baseball here… I’m talking about making an actual pitch to an actual editor or agent.

This weekend I have the opportunity to pitch to an editor and it will be my first ever pitch.  So, what do I do to get prepared you ask…

Simple. I panic.  That’s how I roll ladies and gents.  I take an entire day to meltdown in full-fledged panic mode.  I write a pretty good pitch at 1 in the morning then I spend the following day telling myself I’m crazy for attempting to do this.  I distract myself with editing and writing.  Then I write a kick-ass chapter for the book I’m pitching.  (A chapter I didn’t initially see being in the book, but now I can’t imagine the book without I might add…)

And now I can’t not pitch the book, right?? I mean that chapter is probably one of my favorites now… so I can’t let it sit home with my ‘balls’ right??  No!  I will not be that nervous nelly!

Instead I will pitch to the kids until they roll their eyes, pitch to myself in the bathroom mirror until I can count my eyelashes as I do it, and attempt to pitch to the poor, unsuspecting UPS guy who I’ve already scarred for life anyway when he delivers my new book today…

So, yeah.  I picked out something professional to wear and I am working on memorizing a pitch that I wrote so feel like I should already know like the back of my hand (but apparently I don’t).

Yeah, I think I’ll go edit again for a couple of hours… then I’ll work on it.  Tomorrow there’s a good chance I’m going to pitch my book to my mom’s whole oncology team while I’m there… yeah.  I’m that desperate!  lol!!

Wish me luck and let’s hope I don’t strike out!

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