To zip line or not to zip line

The title sounds random–I know, but I need some serious advice. I’m terrified of heights.  I should clarify that my fear is more in the “If I fall from here, I’ll die” way. It’s a little different from the “being up here makes me panic completely” way. In my brain it’s the normal fear that comes with evolution.

I mean, I love roller coasters. Being strapped into that cart that goes hurtling through the air while twisting, turning, and ultimately throwing me for a few loops (if it’s a good coaster it does all of those things!) gives me a rush that I eagerly anticipate each and every time I get in line for my next coaster ride. I DO NOT do drop towers, free fall rides, or that haunted elevator in Disney that makes me have nightmares about any random elevator dropping me to my death. See, there’s a huge difference in my neurosis fears.

That being said, I have the opportunity to go zip lining in a couple of weeks and a part of me is totally in. However, a bigger part of me screams, “falling off the side of a mountain is what crazy people do!  And paying to do it is even crazier!”

So, I’m looking for some feedback here (preferably from those of you who’ve done this and lived to tell the tale…) that can tell me if I should xanex up and go for it or sit it out with a glass of wine at the bottom of the mountain.

Leave me a comment and tell me yay or nay… I need the advice!

Thanks! ~ Jeni

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