Working, working, working

It’s been longer than I’d like to admit since I last updated this blog.  For that, please accept my humble apologies. If you don’t follow Mimosa Mornings Writers yet, that’s a great way to keep up with me every Wednesday.  🙂

However, let me fill you in on what’s been going on since we last met.

I’ve been editing like a feind. I also went on a weekend writer’s retreat with my local chapter of RWA (Romance Writers of America). Guess who I got to meet?  Anna DeStefano! I know, right?!?! She was amazing and did a three-part workshop with us that has me re-inspired to edit!

I can’t tell you just how much I needed that push to get back to editing since I was starting to dread sitting down in front of my computer to edit. Perfect timing!

The weekend also offered me the priceless opportunity to get better acquainted with the local writers in RWA. I never expected to have so much support as a writer. Honestly, I couldn’t have found a better group of people to work with!

Oh! Don’t let me forget to mention that I also was lucky enough to find a group of writers who are all needing that “accountability” that sometimes falls by the wayside when you don’t have a hard-fast deadline to keep you working. So, we’ve decided to implement an accountability pledge where each week, we will list a few reasonable small goals and we will send our progress by the end of the week.

If you’re interested here are my goals for the week as stated when I sent them to Denise Leton:

Okay, so let’s get down to business about our goal for this week…

1- I’ve printed my MS today so I can implement some of Anna’s editing suggestions.  I also bought more mini post-its than is healthy for one woman to own.  
2- I’m going through my story and getting the BME chart filled out with both internal and external conflicts to make sure my book has what it needs. 
3- I’m reading Rivet Your Readers With Deep Point Of View — It was recommended by Tracey Poole and it’s a quick read that already helps with my “showing vs telling” in a few spots that were irking me
4- One that note, by Saturday I will send you 5 different parts that I’ve revised from telling instead of showing to showing instead of telling.  

Also, I’ll send you my first chapter and overview so you know what you’re reading… 

So far, I’ve sent the first chapter and overview and started post-it noting my MS (#1). Today I’ll finish #3 and start #4. Tomorrow I’m going to do #2. Thursday I will wrap up whichever of these isn’t fully completed!  

See what I mean about working, working, working?  

The good news is that all of this work will pay off someday when the book gets picked up by a publisher. Then hopefully the second book will too. And the third, and so on. 🙂
So, until next time my faithful readers, I’ll be seeing you on Mimosa Mornings Writers every Wednesday. In fact, here’s a super secret sneak peek at tomorrow’s post entitled, Nature… Inspiration or trying to kill you?

The thing is now I live in suburbia outside of a major NC city (Yes, folks, this Jersey Girl has gone Southern Gal) and it seems all-of-a-sudden nature is out to get me.
Like bears. Apparently bears run the world. So do geese that would rather chase you down and murder you rather than just ignore you with disdain and look cute like ducks.  Why can’t geese be more like duck-pond ducks?? 

To read more, go check out Mimosa Mornings Writers tomorrow, May 22nd!
Be Well!

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