It’s been a day…

…where I really miss my mom. So I wrote her a letter.

See it here.

Other than that, I’ve made some huge changes with my writing. HUGE, I tell ya!

I stuck a dagger in a book I loved to hate, revamped a book I hate to love, and am now working furiously on making every word count. I sprint with writing partners in the evenings and work with a gassy dog during the day. (Feel free to join us for writing sprints in the evening on Twitter @JeniABurns . I’ll be there tonight at 8:30 sharp!)

I have eaten my grief for the last 2+ months so I resolved to cook real meals again and be healthy overall. I even found a Greek yogurt I liked ( I would’ve sworn it would NEVER happen, but I’d have been wrong). I’ve found new music that inspires me and art that makes me happy. I bought a piece of jewelry to make me smile and think of my mom. I’m singing and dancing around my house on good days and snuggling with the stinky dog on bad ones, but I’m here and remembering that life is too short to waste it away being scared of failure. This affirmation has given me power in  a way I never truly realized until today.

So, writers, join me tonight with your fingers ready to type and your stories ready to spill. Friends, join me in remembering my mom and have a glass of something that isn’t water for me today!

Love to you all!

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