What’s the magic number?

I have about 7 weeks left of school. Which means in 7.1 weeks my little monsters darlings will be here with me all day long every LONG day of summer. I’m already panicking!

How the heck will I get anything done? I know, camps. Yeah, I’ve heard that before, but those add up. Have I mentioned I’m not selling books yet? My budget is small. Tiny in fact. And last I checked it’s frowned upon to set them in front of a tv for days on end hide them in closets from sun up to sun down ignore them turn up my headphones loud enough to drown them out and make me deaf simultaneously go into hock to pay for someone else to watch the darlings all summer.

I’m also at the point where I’m considering finding a cave to hide out in all summer. You know like people that are hermits, but I need a cave with wifi. Do you think those exist? I wonder if bears also live in them. Because that’s where I draw the line. I’d room with pretty much anyone over the age of 18 who can take care of themselves–unless they are a bear. A LITERAL BEAR…

That’s how desperate I am to have a productive summer this year.

Which brings me back to my original question; what’s the magic number? The number that keeps me out of both the poor house and the looney bin? (Although, I hear the people in the looney bin ‘get’ me in ways most people don’t so that’s a upside of all this… Right??)

I might have to invest in having a few teenagers come and occupy the rugrats monsters darlings so I can keep up the momentum. Either that or find a good Realtor who can get me an amazing deal on a wifi equipped cave- bear free of course.



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