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I spend a lot of my time daydreaming. I like to think it’s a writer thing, but more than likely it’s a Jeni thing. But I digress.

So recently, I’ve been spending a lot of butt-in-the-chair time, which is important to a writer. After all it is hard to write while moving around. (Although, don’t tell George, my shower goblin, that all the talking we do while I’m in the shower doesn’t count as writing… I’m pretty sure he’d take it badly and then you’d regret it. ) So while it’s been good for my WIP (and a little bad for my bank acct since online shopping is my favorite form of procrastination. Did I mention my unicorn slippers will show up today??)  it’s made my fitbit, Frenchy, (yes, I’m a huge Grease fan) question my motives when I tuck her into my bra each morning. (I swear I’m not insane. It’s a fitbit one and I’m afraid if I clip it to my pants I’ll lose it, probably in the toilet or something, so I happily tuck her in with the girls in my favorite Vickies bra.)

Until last night. Last night, I made a concerted effort to get my tired butt out of said chair and go for a walk. Of course, I brought the beast with me and a bestie for moral support (yeah, it’s been a while since I’ve made myself exercise. I’ll blame any number of factors on the reasons, but whatever. Right?) and I took a nice long walk. All the stress that had been weighing on me totally evaporated. I was inspired and motivated by the time I was done.

And I was exhausted. Did I mention I walked in the evening? Yeah, sometime a year or so ago I sorta made the reluctant switch to morning person without really signing off on it and now it’s coming back to bite me in said butt. So, yeah. I went directly to bed. Didn’t pass go. Didn’t collect $200. Didn’t add a single word to my book. But Frenchy was happy. And then she mocked me to walk some more. Grrr.

Now this morning, I’m up early. Sitting in a local joint with a jumbo coffee writing this post positive that I’ll be productive today. Especially because all the stress of self-imposed deadlines has evaporated so I can actually stare down the headlights coming my way. 🙂

And worse case if I get unmotivated again, I can just go back and re-read this gem that my FWLMLRN and I bickered via text earlier this week. And by earlier this week I mean whatever day I ordered the unicorn slippers. That might have been part of what provoked her into threatening me with editing… I try not to hold it against her.


Grumpy Cat Says No

Grumpy Cat Says No

So, now I’m off to work. You  know, real work. But don’t tell George. He thinks I already started this morning at 6:58 when I hopped in the shower with him. Oh, and for the curious, I’m pretty sure George looks sorta like this…

My Shower Goblin, George.

My Shower Goblin, George. Found here

Only smaller and green. Don’t judge. He was born that way.

Happy Friday!



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