What not to do before a conference…

It’s conference season here and I’m getting ready to head to San Antonio for my second RWA conference. After having one under my belt, I feel so much more prepared to have the best conference possible.  But because in true Jeni fashion, I have a small list of things NOT to de before a conference.

1. Don’t get poison ivy, sumac, etc on your face.  Conferences are all about putting your best face forward and it’s super hard when you are an itchy, hived mess. Trust me. I’m that right now.

2. Don’t go with a brand new hairstyle.  Sure it looks fabulous in the magazine, but the learning curve required to get it styled perfectly takes longer than the week you have before the conference. I really should listen to my own advice, but if I did, you’d never get this great advice.

3. Give yourself at least a week prior to the conference when getting your eyebrows waxed. Why?  Because inevitably the stress that goes along with conference prepping, with result in acne above your newly waxed brows. Learned this the hard way last year.  You’re welcome.

4- Don’t make a significant change to your diet. This is one of those things I recently did (almost 30 days gluten & added sugar free.) I’m still not sure how I’m gonna make it work next week, but I’ll figure it out.  But if you run into me and I’m grumpy, assume I haven’t eaten in a while or the ‘roids they put me on for the poison ivy has finally gotten the better of me. Pretty sure handing me a cuppa decaf will fix it. 😉

5- Don’t take steroids before and during your conference. I’m totally gonna be the ‘roid rager this year thanks to the poison ivy. So, while I have gained weight since last year’s conference, (I’ve actually lost a bunch recently) but my face is ‘roid puffy. Super sexy, but better than the itchy, welty, poison ivy look I was sporting scaring people with yesterday. 😉

6- Don’t pack too early. You will overpack this way. Wait until the last minute and pray you didn’t forget your laptop charger. Last year I brought everything but the kitchen sink. This year I’m flying to RWA so I need to scale back my luggage and I haven’t even done laundry let alone packed. Feeling pretty good about it too!

So, if you can manage to not be the same walking disaster that I am before your conference, I’m sure you’ll do just fine! And if you have a bad conference day, come find me and stand by me for a bit. I’ll either make you laugh or at the least be a bigger disaster than you so you’ll look fabulous by comparison.

Hope to see some of my fun writer friends there next week!


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  1. Good tips! I agree on all of them Especially the don’t pack too early. I’d rather have a lighter bag going b/c I know I’m going to fill that puppy up with books & swag. 🙂 Hell, you can always buy a toothbrush there. (But seriously, I don’t recommend not packing a toothbrush). Have so much fun!!

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