And then there were five…

All epic tales of intrigue start with the infamous, ‘Once upon a time’ and this is just as worthy, but I’ll save you the overused opening.

Last week I turned 35 and unlike the other 34 birthdays under my belt, I did something I’ve been thinking about for a while now – something dramatic and possibly life-changing.  Steps have been taken. Things have been put into motion. Research has been done. Decisions have been made. And I’m excited.

You will notice some new changes to the website. They are to reflect the five new novellas that are underway. Yup, five. You read it right. I also went back to make original hair color only leaving a few hot pink peek-a-boo streaks in memory of my mom. But most importantly I’ve been writing my cold little fingers off. Firstly it’s good to actually type when coming up with five new book ideas even if they are novellas and secondly, it’s darn cold here in the South and Ron is against burning money to stay warm or something. Therefore I have been left to my own devices to keep my cold fingers warm and typing keeps them fit and slender as well. Too bad it doesn’t work on the rest of me.

So, I’m off to have some decaf and write more words. But be on the lookout for some new changes coming soon.


Single devil tail Jeni

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