Resolutions? Who needs ’em?

Alright, truth be told this girl might need a resolution or twenty–I’m not gonna lie. But, this year has already gotten off to a rocking start. Novellas are coming together. Beta reads and edits are happening (simultaneously which is way out of my control-freak wheelhouse). Feedback has been good thus far and did I mention covers? Yeah, one is ready minus the cover material which I solemnly swear will happen before the book comes out on April 13th (EKKK!  That’s less than 3 months away my friends!), and the second one is in the capable hands of the designer as I type this.

So yeah, when it comes to resolutions this year, I sorta decided against the whole thing. In all honesty, I’m too busy working with a non-fiction writing friend and my own stuff these days that I don’t have time to set myself up for the head-smacking, doh-ensuing realization that I forgot to keep up with my resolutions. Again. Trust me on this, I’m a pro at forgetting them completely.

Maybe it’s because while I make plans, the universe laughs. And by laughs, I mean a full-on belly laugh complete with snorting and hiccups. I can be that amusing-just ask Ron (who we can now safely talk about since he has stopped reading by now! lol)

Alas, I refuse to leave you empty handed when it comes to resolutions this year since I feel it’s my duty to  suffer succeed along with you all, so let’s take a moment and think of all the fabulous things I should resolve to do better or stop doing in general…


~Blog – Ooooo, that’s a good one… I should really do that more often. I also should start that newsletter I’ve been planning to do since there will be books out pretty soon. Besides I like the idea of giving stuff away.

~Drink more coffee –  I know you don’t think it’s possible for me to safely consume more coffee than I already do, but keeping in mind it’s all decaf (and mostly water which we should drink a lot of, right?). I think this is a challenge I can totally get behind. Have you seen my twitter feed lately? #coffeeporn is going to become I thing. I believe.

~More long walks – Max has been nosing his leash since the temps dipped below sweltering here with that sad look in his beautiful big eyes. The look that says, “Seriously, you’re sitting your butt in your office AGAIN? There are bunnies, birds, and squirrels to be chased and none of them will come in our backyard anymore since ‘the incident.’ ”  Yeah, I might owe my big guy more leash time… he does put up with my crazy self. Incidentally, he also believes my shoulder is best when almost disconnected from the rest of my body, but pretty sure now I’m just being picky.



~Volunteering for everything – pretty sure this will require me breaking both of my arms and legs, but I’ll commit to the effort of saying no. As Tracy Poole CONSTANTLY reminds me, I should say, “I’m so flattered you thought of me, but no thank you.” Although, she says is with a straight face and really nicely. I kinda sputter, struggle to get the ‘nnnn’ part of ‘no’ out,  and take it back at the first chance I get. I’ll work on it… lol

~Lunches alone – As a writer who ignores her dog’s pleas for long walks in the sun to write, it’s true that I often forget that other people exist and are social. But, I can already say I’m making strides on this front. The amazing Tara Goodfellow at Athena Consulting and I have begun weekly lunches. Not only is she super fabulous as a friend, but she’s an amazing asset for those looking to change careers, head back to school (or go for the first time), or looking to try out life coach sessions. She’s the best. And since she’s a friend, a get all the inspiration she offers wrapped up in a lunch date!

Hey, not too shabby even though it’s like 22 days late. But really, who’s counting? So, tell me what some of your do’s and don’t’s are for the year.

In the meantime-


Single devil tail Jeni



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