I woke up this morning missing my mom. It’s been over a year since she passed, but still I have these moments where I just miss her more than what’s manageable. For whatever reason, today was one of those days and it takes me by surprise every single time, knocking the breath from my lungs and making the weight of the world feel heavier than usual.

On a day like this, I would typically wallow (yeah, I am prone to wallowing for a day, then I’m a boot-strap girl-as in pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get on with life), but I’ve been busy as can be with the Book Fair at the elementary school all week and I’m so behind on my word count that maybe it’s gone negative on me while I slept, so today wasn’t the day for a well deserved wallowing.

Instead I managed to pull my overtired (because yesterday was an over 12 hr day of volunteering kind of day), wallowy ass out of bed and got on with life and boy was it worth the effort.

Besides getting to enjoy my last full day of book fair with my favorite co-chair and partner in crime, Kim, I also got to have a fabulous lunch at my favorite place with her and her wonderful parents, then a double date night for me with my two favorite guys. I haven’t laughed so hard in a long while as I did today. It just goes to show that even on the hardest days, the best things can come to light. And now I’m off to snuggle with my mini me for a little bit while we read her newest books.

Hope everyone has a memorable weekend!


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