Winter in the South

I was raised in NJ. Northeastern NJ. Snow was a problem there in the winter. Like the kind of problem where it made the news that people were trying to find new and creative places to put it. Snow drifts were an issue. The pushed off piles of the white stuff that plows created gave people extra work as their driveways and cars that had previously been dug out became packed in once again. Which made it a race in the mornings to get showered and ready for work, school, whatever BEFORE the plows came through. And god-forbid if they ran early then there would a bunch of sassy Jersey Girls standing in the middle of a freshly paved road flashing a middle finger in the drivers rearview. I’m not saying it was nice, I’m saying what is was.

Now, being I moved to Long Island, in my early twenties, I can attest that the Jersey Girl Salute was common there too. But the worst was the plow drivers who plowed the lot of the place I worked. I think they made it a game to try to block every car into their parking space. They’d show up firmly after 9am when everyone had already slipped into a maybe legit spot because no one could see through the snow to find where spots began and ended and then they’d go through making sure that the plow was angled to push the snow up behind cars. Fun times. I took to keeping not only my scraper, but most importantly a shovel in the backseat of my car.

And then Ron and I moved to NC. Year after year we smiled when the whole state would stop in anticipation of the few flakes of white stuff that threatened to fall from the skies. The funniest thing is the further West we moved into the state, the less snow we got. Instead we learned to fear the weatherman’s threats of ice. This year, my kids already had two ice days (there wasn’t any snow) and two days with 2-hour delays. There’s another winter storm on the horizon and they are already doing everything possible to make it true. A day of snow would make their entire year. The other day we got enough of a dusting that my mini me made the world’s smallest snowman.

This mom is holding out hope that the winter weather is short-lived. Something about getting older and the cold doesn’t work for me. So, Spring can show up any time it would like at this point. I’m about done with winter.

What are your favorite winter memories? Mine could’ve been snow forts, snowball fights at college, dancing in the snow in the parking lot of my HS winter Formal (or driving home in the snow with my date), snow angels, sledding, that one time I thought I should learn how to ski the week after getting my belly button pierced, the snow drifts taller than me, the year in middle school when we had a blizzard and had so many make ups days that not only did we lose most of our spring break and hit the max last day of school in June, but also had to go to school on Saturdays to make up for the lost time and we essentially goofed off all day because no one wanted to be there, but nope, getting plowed in at work every day is my favorite.

My favorite NC snow/ice story is the year we moved from our apartment into our first house and had an ice storm. Ron’s car had a flat tire and my new driveway was a sharp downward hill.  Ron and Steve (aka Stink) were stuck in the sleet changing a tire at the apartment complex while I stood there under an umbrella laughing too hard to be useful because Murphy’s law. And then trying to clear a path down the driveway so no one died while carrying the couch from hell. Again I was in charge of laughing while my two engineering men debated the merits of kitty litter vs a bucket brigade of hot water.

Alright, I can be convinced that some snow might be fun after all even if it means I get nothing accomplished for days on end.


Single devil tail Jeni




Note: I wrote this two weeks ago & held off on posting because I was on a mission to find some good snowy Jeni pix throughout the years. Turns out, I’ve always hated snow and not many pictures exist. So, enjoy these few…

Evernote Snapshot 2Evernote Snapshot 20Snow shots

Evernote Snapshot












Evernote Snapshot 20150308 185320But as you can see by the huge age gap, I much prefer the warm weather. And every day I thank my lucky stars that neither my brother, nor my dad had a camera on the top of the slope that one time I went skiing. I mean seriously it was one of my finer Jeni moments. Complete with needing to stop the ski lift because I needed my kid brother to help me get back on my two feet, but was laughing so hard it was damn near impossible. Yeah, I stick to ski lodges from now on where there is a roaring fireplace and hot chocolate. 🙂



So, to further entertain you, here are some lovely old gems of me in the summer which is my favorite time of year. There were much too many to choose from so I randomly picked… Roller skates, my first pool, and jelly shoes. Fun times.


Evernote Snapshot0 Evernote Snapshot 2015

Evernote Snapshot 185320





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