About Jeni

Devilishly fun picture!

Welcome, purveyors of fine internet content!  I’m Jeni and let me take a moment to give you a little bio on me and what I do…  Ready?  Okay… GO!

Jeni is a mother of 2 lovely, but out-to-make-her-hair-grey children by day, a romance writer by night. She saves the world one recyclable at a time and tries to find humor in her everyday life.

Recently relocated to PA, she leads a semi-charmed life surrounded by plaster dust and the sounds of renovation in her over 100 year-old-house.

Jeni writes fantasy novellas with a touch of romance, paranormal romance novels, and women’s fiction.

On social media, Jeni happily posts pictures of hot men (and women), coffee, and grumbles about editing on her Twitter feed.  Oh, and let’s not forget the pictures of Swedish Fish. Why Swedish Fish?  Because they are Jeni’s not-so-secret 6th food group. Alcohol is the 7th. But only to Irish-up her decaf coffee or sweet white wine because anything else is too much work.

Jeni can also be found on Facebook. Usually with more of the aforementioned items marking her social media presence.

We’re glad to have you here!  Stay for a while and make yourself comfy! 🙂


Just Jeni


  1. Now that is the most brilliant About page I have ever read and I seriously doubt it can be bested. You made me crack a smile, thank you so much.

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