Press Kit

Jeni’s official Bio:

Jeni Burns is a Jersey Girl through and through, regardless where her mail is delivered. She lives in and is renovating an old Colonial, despite her lack of renovation knowledge. She has two kids and one massive poodle. Amidst all the chaos, she squirrels away in her office with her giant cup of decaf and writes until the natives get restless and drag her back to reality.


Workshops Jeni offers:

Perfect Pitch

Want to get your book on the agent or editor of your dreams desk? Is your pitch appointment right around the corner? Have butterflies taken residence in your stomach? Learn how to craft the perfect pitch for your project and wow industry professionals with a quick, efficient, and nerve-free delivery.

In this one-hour presentation*, attendees learn:

  • How to develop the perfect pitch for their book.
  • How to deliver a pitch without nerves, anxiety, or regret.
  • Hear two- three real-life example pitches.

If time, Jeni will create a pitch live with a workshop attendee for the entire audience to observe.

She will also offer 2 raffle winners the opportunity to sit with her and perfect their own pitch during her time at the event (30 minutes max/winner).

*Handout included.



Where you can find Jeni on the interwebs:

Twitter @JeniABurns

Instagram: jeni_burns