Fire’s Revenge

FIRE'S REVENGE title image

Paranormal Romance

Elemental Love #1

Fire’s Revenge, Book 1, Elemental Love Series

The age-old adage that Winds and Fires don’t mix, was born out of disaster.

In a world bound by Fate and Elemental rules, Elma McMillan is a faithful failure. With her apprenticeship on the line, Elms turns to an unlikely source to salvage her career. In the process, she bends, breaks, and blows away every rule set by the secretive community.

Simon Foster explodes on the scene in a blaze of…
His plans to fulfill his duty to his family and the Fires of the community go up in flames when an errant Wind ignites an obsession he cannot deny.

Can they rewrite history and find happiness before societal statutes fizzle the flames of their love?

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