Wind’s Solace Excerpt

Excerpt from Chapter 1.

“Ignore the damn phone; I’m almost there,” the curvy blonde encouraged over her shoulder as his hips stalled mid-thrust.

If Charlie could have designed his perfect woman, she’d understand his need to answer the phone at three a.m. when a dead body turned up. Unfortunately, Maureen wasn’t her. And the one woman who was his perfect match still refused to talk to him.

He ignored her and pulled out, suppressing a groan. Maureen’s ill-aimed swat missed his thigh by a hair as he dove for the nightstand.

“Seriously, Chaz,” the Earth Elemental whined, and the foundation of his home shook.

“Quit it, Maureen. Work always comes first. You don’t like it, leave.” He shot her a glare and stabbed the ‘talk’ button on his cell. “Latham.” His voice was thick and had all the charm of a mouth full of gravel. He blamed it on the extra Jack and Coke he’d downed when Maureen showed up uninvited on his doorstep, but truth be told, he hadn’t managed a full night’s sleep in weeks.

Someone was dumping bodies all over Harmony, White Township, and Hope, New Jersey. If that wasn’t bad enough, each body looked more and more like an old friend; a friend Charlie refused to let wander through his mind too often for fear he’d drive to her mother’s home and demand to know her whereabouts so he could apologize. Again. Because, maybe this time she’d believe him.

“Sorry ‘bout the wake-up call, man, but we have a body.” The voice of his former partner, Elroy Traver, was too chipper for the early hour. Although, if Charlie remembered, Roy was finishing off his week of overnights, so his veins would be flush with caffeine thanks to the jumbo cups of dark sludge Roy insisted were coffee, but looked more like used motor oil to Charlie.

Maureen’s hand cracked against his bare thigh. “Where?” He glared at her and slid off the bed stumbling over their discarded clothing.

“Jenny Jump.”

“Again?” Shit. This was the second dead body up on Jenny Jump. The nature preserve had gotten more traffic in recent months than it had in the last few years. Some sicko was using the wooded mountainside as their personal dumping ground. Based on the continued resemblance of the deceased to Gracelynn George, Charlie would bet his last shred of dignity the murders had something to do with the secretive community he lived in the midst of. At the thought of her name, his cock twitched. Damn. He shook the brunette from his brain.

“Yeah. Pretty sure this is the same guy, but boss man wants you out here to look before the ME arrives. Another fully dressed soaked woman left on dry land. We need that crazy intuition of yours.” Roy’s voice derailed the memory train building momentum in Charlie’s mind.

“All right. Be there in thirty.” Charlie disconnected and flipped on the light switch. The intuition Roy talked about was more than an inkling about things; not that Charlie could ever claim it around his human counterparts. Nope. They didn’t know Elementals existed—let alone they were their neighbors, friends, and even partners at work. And they sure as hell didn’t know they had special gifts. Some more special than others.

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