Hexed title for title pageRomantic Fantasy

Twisted Fate Novella #4

Two mysterious men fighting over one witchy woman; a woman ensnared by the Devil…

Hexed coverFreshly freed from a stained glass prison, Jason Clarke has had the day from hell. He met the woman of his dreams, made her an impossible promise, and lost her to the Jersey Devil. With only his rusty witchy powers and a secret room full of ancient magic tools to rely on, he’s on a mission to get her back—before the Devil does more damage.

Having betrayed his witchy former lover, sister, and pretty much everyone he’s ever known, Dax Barren needs a win. An enticing easy fix from the Devil may be the answer he’s looking for. But everyone knows a deal with the Devil is a disaster in the making.

Only one man can win her heart, but will he keep his soul in the process?

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