Sacrificed By Jeni Burns

Romantic Fantasy

Twisted Fate Novella # 2

Sacrificed coverFor over 200 years, Elech Dewsberry has left a trail of dead women scattered across New Jersey, searching for the one who will bear him a daughter. His hunt even spawned the legend of the NJ Devil. When he finally finds a witch strong enough to grant him a child, she gives him a son. Generation after generation he stalks his kin, holding their souls ransom until a female heir is born.

Watching. Waiting. Wanting.

Donovan Barren has a secret… He owes the Devil his soul—and his first born daughter. Before the Devil comes looking for payment he needs an out. He hides his family away in the small town of Harmony, NJ in hopes he’s outsmarted the evil that stalks him. But when the Devil comes knocking, will Donovan sacrifice more than he originally bargained?

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